'Thoughts Become Art' explores the emergence of a new category in the field of contemporary art: ‘theoretical art’. Integral to ‘theoretical art’ is the communication of highly complex, often scientific, and innovative ideas through artistic forms of expression.

Its theoretical foundation is based on the synergies between art, science, and technology; and it aims to enable and inspire societal transformations that will contribute to the well-being of all humans. Current societal challenges will be addressed and approached proactively – solution-orientated ‘prototypes’ will be presented for inspiration and further reflection. 

One of the first ‘prototypes’ that ‘theoretical art’ is going to introduce is a framework, which provides an unconditional basic income for up to 100 artists, scientists, and freelancers worldwide. This is because the primary aim of ‘theoretical art’ is to support and inspire individuals who strive to generate positive social impact through their creative practice. This framework is to be launched within the next five years.


Although ‘theoretical art’ is a new initiative, we believe that it has great potential to grow and generate a Woodstock-like movement – a shared feeling of freedom – in the sphere of art. Thus, you could be one of the first pioneers venturing into this unknown, exciting artistic territory.


It is important to specify, however, that ‘theoretical art’ is not about criticising anyone, anything, or any of the existing structures. Instead, its focus lies exclusively in communicating innovative and creative developments that offer solutions to the most significant social challenges of our time. Therefore, ‘theoretical art’ includes only positive and constructive forms of artistic exploration and expression.


So, what exactly is ‘theoretical art’? Is it an evolution or a revolution in the infinitely diverse field of art? Well, time alone will tell. Whatever the answer may be, today, ‘theoretical art’ offers a simple and yet profound opportunity to make a modest improvement in our contemporary living conditions by using the transformative energy of art.


To whatever extent it may lead, this is a beginning of an exciting journey. We look forward to greeting you in our newly established art community!


The first step is simple – just get in contact :)