February 20, 2017

Last week I was trying to make a list of activities that I am planning to do. Instead of thinking months and years ahead, I decided that it makes more sense to do a weekly plan. I remember when I was at the university and at the beginning of my career; I was choosing my activities bearing in mind on how the prospective employees would regard this on the CV. Then whilst working, the personal development plan followed a strict linear line, based mainly on the discussions with the managers at work. Plans that followed were based on the perceived weaknesses to suit the organisational nee...

February 15, 2017

After one year, I have returned to London for a week. Most people have been asking me whether I am back for good, as of course the Londoners think that there is no other city better than London. The week in London however is not a holiday break, neither is it a move back, but a necessity to organise my affairs. It was also a week of reflection to understand how I feel to return to a city where I spent many years living and working and to validate or not validate my decision to stay in Asia.

In the midst of the business and madness of the city, travelling and meetings I did not have mu...

February 3, 2017

When one door closes, another one opens. Don’t dwell to long on what was behind the closed door. If there is no door, then create one. We might not know what is behind that door, but if we won’t try to enter it, we will never know.

This week I have formally resigned from my job and paved my way for a long awaited career break. Freeing up space and capacity to start something new sounds very exciting, but it can be overwhelming and scary. Maybe things will work out, maybe they won’t. But I will not know until I try. The scholarship is certainly contributing to the thought process and r...

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April 2, 2017

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