After a successful start in Oxford and an exciting venture in Berlin, we are ready to move towards our next destination – Mallorca.


‘Thoughts Become Art’ Mallorca will be special, because for the first time, all exhibited artworks will be part of one collaborative ‘dynamic installation’ with an overall aim and purpose of ‘Sending Love To The World’. This installation attempts to generate a momentum that inspires people from all around the world to send their love to the world!

Miya Rosa Marques

Why ‘Sending Love To the World’? Unconditional love is the cure for human-made hatred and anxieties. In fact, all negativity is human-made and a result of the absence of love. Where unconditional love is, negativity does not exist. Love is superior compared to hatred and anxieties; as light is superior to darkness. Switch the light on and darkness disappears. Unconditional love is a choice. So, let’s just chose love over hatred. Let's send love to the world!


Participating in Mallorca is really simple. Regardless of your age, profession, ethnic, cultural, or educational background; whether you consider yourself an artist or not, join us in sending love to the world. Our first ‘artist’ for Mallorca – Miya – is only two years old! Did you see her beautiful artwork, which is our front image for Mallorca?

All you need to do is to follow the guidelines below:


1. Interpret and visualise the theme of ‘Sending Love To The World’

2. Put your ideas down on a small-scale format. The longer side of your original artwork shall be no larger than 23,5cm. It can be of course smaller.

3. You may use any artistic tools to design your miniature/small-scale artwork: pencil, colours, collage, photography, …

4. All submissions that convey the core principles of Theoretical Art will be included in the installation in Mallorca. Simply said, if your original artwork includes solely the positive and constructive forms of artistic expression and conveys the spirit of love and beauty, you are in. Your artwork travels to Mallorca and will be presented to the world!

5. Important, your artwork will not be sent back to you. Instead it will be either gifted to an individual or institution that strive towards positive change in the world; or sold for charity purposes to support non-profit social projects.

6. All submissions will be presented and promoted online prior the event in Mallorca. Therefore, please send your artwork together with the participation form to the address below as soon as possible


Palmi // Theoretical Art Residency

Calle Salut 21

Apartment 2-C
07600 Llucmajor
Majorca // Spain

Further to our leitmotiv of ‘Sending Love To The World’ we have put together a list of themes that might offer you some inspiration for finding ways to engage with the concept of Theoretical Art. However, please feel free to find your own way to interpret the theme of ‘Sending Love To The World’.

1.   UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME is about using artistic means to support a broader discussion in society about the opportunities and risks of unconditional basic income. Would your daily life change, if you were provided an unconditional basic income? If yes, express this through your artwork.

2.   SOCIAL DIGITAL CURRENCY AND BLOCKCHAIN stands for the hopes and concerns about the next generation of value transactions.​ Blockchain has the potential to democratise and improve the financial system. How would a digital currency, which has the potential to bring benefits to all people look like? Visualise the positive impact of such currency.

3.   TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF ART Whether personal or societal, any form of development requires change. But, as most of us probably have experienced, changing one’s own behaviour is one of the toughest challenges of life. Although there is not enough research about the transformative power of art, art can fill us with an aspiration to do something differently. Some images hold a transformative power that can release energy in the viewer and inspire them to move towards desired new realities. Given that the transformative power of art could be utilized for positive change, what would you use it for? What is the change you want to see in your community? Express your vision through art.

4.   ASK FOR WISDOM The world’s libraries are full of wisdom but, unfortunately, this wisdom often just lingers on dusty bookshelves. These invaluable treasures deserve to be brought into a more accessible and simpler form in order to be shared with a wider public. Especially so because a great deal of knowledge that is needed to approach our contemporary challenges already exists. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel but simply just use it. What is the most meaningful wisdom for you personally – a wisdom that inspires a more positive way of thought and action in yourself and could do the same in others? Share this wisdom through your artwork.

5.   THE EXCITEMENT OF STARTING ANEW There are only a few things in life that show the range of human emotions as vividly as starting something completely new in life. It doesn't even have to involve decisions with major consequences. It could be just moving to another town or a conscious career change. Many novelists have tried to capture the magic of new beginnings. Although their stories include positive emotions such as curiosity or joy that arouse with new beginnings, more often the focus is on the insecurities and anxieties that hinder us in taking new, yet unknown pathways. Now, what if we could forget all the possible hindrances for a moment? How about picturing a complete new start that releases only positive emotions? Surely this approach requires a huge amount of naiveté but why not take the chance and try it out. So, focus only on the positive emotions of new beginnings and bring your image into a visual artistic form.

6.   LOVE, PEACE AND UNITY stands for the positive and constructive things in life, acting out of love and passion, instead of fear and worry – using love and passion as guidelines for thought, decision, and action. If your daily thoughts, decisions, and actions were based solely on love and passion, how would your world look like? Share your image and ideas.

7.   THE BEAUTY OF SIMPLICITY is about solution- and goal-orientated action, getting to the heart of a matter, and focusing on what really counts in life. It’s about finding a way to simplify things and focus on what is essential for a fulfilling life. It’s about ‘reducing to the max’ and ‘less is more’. So, considering the complexity of our time, what do you think really counts? If less is more, what remains?

8.   BACK TO THE ROOTS refers to cave paintings as one of the first forms of art that we know of, one that had the purpose of storytelling, and giving guidance about the essential matters of that time, such as hunting. By concentrating on the essential themes of today, t-Art aims to re-focus on the initial purpose of art. What are the essential matters of today? What do you think? Express it though your artwork.

The project’s organisational team is happy to offer an individual briefing and support via email or Skype calls. If you wish to arrange a briefing, just email us and we will get back to you. 

We look forward to receiving your artworks!