#2 “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” ~ Lao Tzu

January 23, 2017

The most difficult part, at least from my personal experience is to take a first step. The second part is continuing to take further steps, even if the path is not a straight line, and it never is.

Since I started travelling across many countries, I began to understand that I am a lucky person, because I do have options and there are many people that don’t. Whether it is a woman in Cambodian countryside who has never left her village, or a girl in rural India who has no choice but to marry a man that her parents have chosen for her or whether it is a young man in Nepal whose only option to earn money in order to feed his family is to go as a migrant worker to the Gulf States with no guarantee that he will return.


The dilemma of many in the ‘first world' is that they have too many options. Whilst having abundance of options is certainly a luxury, it can also lead to overthinking, indecisiveness and inertia. And this is how I have felt time and time again. Over the last week I had conversations with colleagues and acquaintances and found out that there are many other people who are in the same boat. For many it is then easier to take no steps and come to self-imposed conclusion that status quo is the safest bet.

During the course of the last week I caught myself overthinking and overanalysing. I read an article in theguardian on how the modern day humans tend to fall into a vicious circle of overthinking and judging, bringing albeit not consciously misery upon themselves. It became clear to me that there is no need to know the final destination now. Steps that I have taken so far, the most significant of which was to pursue my dream of living in Nepal, were the first steps. Not all decisions need to be made at once. The path is never a straight line but a combination of trial and error, luck, encounters and chance.


And so, I decided to do what has been close to my heart, something that I started but have neglected. First, to continue learning Nepali language. Second, to pick up on the photography again. Language enables communication and since I do plan to stay in Nepal for the time being, I better start to improve this skill. Photography helps me to connect to people and surroundings; it takes me completely into the present moment.


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