The founder of 'theoretical art' and the initiator of the nonprofit project 'Thoughts Become Art' is Chirt Koese. Chirt has dedicated his entire professional career to the theme of transformation. Whilst working as a Change Management Consultant for internationally operating companies, he has explored the phenomenon of transformation, both in theory and practice, over three decades. In the last 15 years, Chirt has developed specific strategies that interlink art and science with the theme of transformation. His concept of The.Art is the outcome of this extensive research.


In 2016, Chirt invited the interdisciplinary artists and researchers Aya Kasai, Ellen Love and Maris Palmi to curate the first exhibition of 'Thoughts Become Art' in Oxford. In 2017 Beth Walrond joined the team to co-curate our Berliner exhibition. Whilst building a strong, international curatorial team, Aya, Ellen, Beth and Maris share their interest in bringing more cross-disciplinary cooperation and innovation into the sphere of art.